The oldest Mare Nostrum event – the first edition was in 1997

The International Black Sea Action Day is one of the most important of our events, being focused on preserving the marine ecosystem and identifying effective solutions for stopping human intervention in this ecosystem.

Ever since 1997, Mare Nostrum together all Black Sea riparian countries celebrate this event that aims to involve the community in problems related to the marine ecosystem and to raise awareness regarding the solution: change always begins from bottom up. Along the years we organized scientific sessions (round tables) dedicated to authorities and partners that join us in preserving the marine environment, but also activities dedicated to schools in Constanta County.

Annually, in October, teachers and pupils support our marine litter monitoring on the Romanian seashore, in a CoastWatch activity, a European initiative that started in Ireland, in 1987, in order to involve young volunteers in evaluating the problems of the coastal areas.

Beginning with 2016, we wanted our message to reach as many people as possible, so we organized the first edition of the Black Sea Marathon. The event brought together people from more counties. It is not a competition, its aim being to inform and raise awareness among the participants regarding marine litter and the impact on the Black Sea ecosystem.