Mare Nostrum helps nature breathe since 1994, increasing the area of green space being one of the strategic directions of the organization.

As part of the NATURE AROUND US cross-border project, which took place between July 2014 and December 2015, there were multiple activities, all focused on biodiversity conservation and increasing the area of green space. One of the most important activities was the planting of 300 trees, as a protective curtain of the Fântâniţa - Murfatlar Protected Area. This activity was attended by students from the Poarta Albă College, children from placement centers and Mare Nostrum’s volunteers. The species chosen to ensure the protection of the area were the Honey locust (Gleditsia trianchantos) and the manna ash  (Fraxinus ornus). In this way, our organization helped to increase the surface of the green space in Constanta county.