Green space is vital even for the learning process. Starting from this aspect, as well as from the drastic reduction of the green spaces at the city level, NGO Mare Nostrum implemented in 2018 the project "A greener school, a healthy community".

For us, this was the second project successfully implemented among educational institutions, the first being implemented within the "Ovidius" Constanta High School. Within the project, vertical gardens were set up, and for the development of the non-functional space around the beneficiary school, were purchased over 100 different species of flowers, 10 bushes, 20 bushes, 20 tires, 2 tables and benches for outdoor activities and 6 baskets for garbage made of wood. In order to have sustainable results, the students were actively involved in each activity of the project, even participating in debates, where they found solutions for the current environmental problems in Constanta.


The project was funded by the Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania.