"CONSTANŢA VERDE" is a draft decision for the Local Council, proposed by the organization Mare Nostrum in 2004, in response to the accelerated reduction of green space spaces in Constanta.

The initiative had some essential provisions, meant to help the city breathe, but also its inhabitants.

  • Reduction of green spaces through urban planning plans and detailed urban planning in areas that have a deficit (north, center) is not allowed
  • The expansion plan of the city will also contain the arrangement of green spaces in a structure as diversified and dimensioned according to the needs of green spaces and arrangements in residential areas.
  • There will be implemented a program of extension / development of green spaces in the periurban area in collaboration with the County Council
  • The parks and squares existing or projected in the vicinity of the residential areas will be provided with medium and high-sized plantations which will reduce the noise and visual pollution of houses and atmosphere.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing parks from the aesthetic point of view, comfort and safety for the users and the arrangement of some green spaces on the currently abandoned land
  • The local public administration will inform the public about the situation of green spaces and their development programs

 "CONSTANŢA VERDE" came on top of the real need of the citizens of Constanta to have green areas in the city, where children can relax and play.