What is an internship?

It is similar to job shadowing, for those who want a more complex work, but it is also more specialised than volunteering. It supposes a more constant schedule (a certaing number of work hours weekly, in order to have continuity), a predetermined period (2 monts, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year...) and a certain area of work. From the areas that we already involved interns in, we can mention: administrative, European projects, education for sustainable development, biodiversity conservation (especially dolphin related activities), PR and communication, accountancy.

Our vision on internship

We constantly organize internships in the areas that we most need assistance at a certain point, but also in the areas we wish to train new people with whom to later develop a constant collaboration. Our interns have a flexible schedule that we agree on together, but it needs to be constant and with a minimum of 8 hours of work weekly. Each intern has a coordinator that establishes the tasks, ensures training, receives activity reports and evaluates the intern’s work. We offer a friendly workplace, open for learning and constant self-improving and the interns bring their enthusiasm and conscientiousness.

This is why you should get involved in an internship

Our interns constantly told us that they gained a lot of knowledge, they had the opportunity to test a job like experience, they learned new things, they improved their attention, patience and proactivness. It was hard sometimes, very demanding actually; there were tasks that maybe didn’t get them excited 100%. But they always found an open mind in our team, in order for them to have the most pleasant and useful experince with us.

Our registration procedure for internship

Just follow our Facebook page, because we announce there all our internships and also all the details for signing up.

Do you have your own internship idea?

We are always open to proposals. If you have an idea or you are interested in being our intern but we have no internship announced, contacts us at office@marenostrum.ro

Details about open internships can be found on our blog.