The closest event to our hearts, which encourages recycling and reusing materials

For over 14 years, we have begun spring an event that became a tradition for Mare Nostrum, which has as main purpos to promote the concept “eco-mărţişor”, encouraging recycling and reusing materials for creating the eco-mărţişoare (this is a Romanian tradition, on the 1st of March; mărţişor is sort of a trinket, an accessory, similar to a pin or a brooch that is given as a gift and people wear it for a few days or the entire month of March; the plural is mărţişoare).

The mărţişoare are created by using cardboard paper, recycled paper, textile scraps, plastic and others. They are used to create exhibitions in the schools that are our partners, thus involving hundreds of schools and thousands of pupils, in all these years.

Through this event we want to show people that they can make gifts for their beloved ones from recycled materials.