What would it be like if everybody threw their trash to the bin? Or if there weren’t any more trees cut and green spaces were respected? What would it be like if constructions were sustainable, respecting the specific of the marine ecosystem? Or if we learned how to sustainably use the resources that we have?

Change always comes with an effort and its name is EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, the most powerful mechanism/ tool for saving the Black Sea ecosystem, for preserving the biodiversity and many others. Education for Sustainable Development is a vast concept that includes environmental, social, economic and good administration related aspects. Mare Nostrum has assumed this concept for over 20 years.

Each action that we have is built to sustainably educate. It is a continuous effort, which brings equally sustainable results.

We educate people on a daily basis, in order to change distructive behaviours towards the environment. We build a generation of “world changers” that should serve as an exemple for Romania and Europe.

You can see in this section a small part of the projects implemented in this area.