A fair with handmade products, the main concept being the reuse of materials

Implemented in 2011, this fair aimed at raising the awareness level of the local population and specifically of handmade artists, regarding the way to identify new eco-solutions every day. The participant artists promoted the concept of reusing materials by transforming them in art objects and thus proving that choosing sustainable products can be an eco-alternative. 30 handmade artists attended the event, from Constanţa and Bucharest. The products exhibited were various: bags, clothing, toys, bio soaps and cosmetics, paintings, decorative objects, henna tattoos and face painting, jewelry made of a large diversity of materials (such as beads, clay, glass, silver and other metals, textiles, paper and cardboard, semi-precious stones or plastic).

Because of its success, the fair was replicated 3 more times, in the following years. The number of handmade artists that participed was much higher and also the number of visitors increased significantly.