Slovak-Icelandic-Romanian Cooperation for Green Competences Development

SKISRO4GreenComp is a small-scale partnership in adult education, supported by the Erasmus+ program and lasting from March 2022 till December 2023. The project is led by Slovak Eco Quality, and carried out in cooperation with Mare Nostrum NGO and

Its most relevant priority is the environment and fight against climate change and also improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff. The topics addressed by the project are environment and climate change and green skills.

The aim of SKISRO4GreenComp project is to increase the capacities of green and sustainability oriented educational organisations in three partner countries: 1. by collecting good practices on green education during the study visit on Iceland; 2. sharing know-how on green project management in Slovakia; and 3. virtually creating and physically testing a new educational program for adult learners in Romania and Europe. Additionally to this, the project aims to build capacities of educators in using this program within their educational work.

This is how the project will result in raised capacities of partners in: green education as good practices observed during the study visit will be incorporated in their realities; green project management as they will learn about these procedures and will use them further on; cooperating on international level within the Erasmus+ program. Other results of the project are the educational program on developing green competences of adult learners to be multiplied by interested parties, and trained educators in using this educational program when working with adult learners.

SKISRO4GreenComp project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.