EDU 10
A project that helped Constanţa to take more steps towards an efficient approach to sustainable development

Everything started from the idea of an education of the highest grade (10, in the Romanian educational system). In a few words, EDU 10 was project financed by OMV Petrom and helped Mare Nostrum to implement the concept of Education for Sustainable Development in small communities in Constanţa County. Based on concepts such as eco-efficiency, innovation and active involvement, the project aimed at starting 5 eco-clubs in each partner institution, in order to implement the ideas that pupils have for thei communities. We targeted communities farther from Constanţa City, where there are a lot of needs and fewer opportunities. Thus we created eco-clubs in Cogealac, Cobadin, Moşneni, Pecineaga and Rîmnicu de Jos, in which more than 100 pupils chose to take part in the project.

Each group attended 4 training courses (20 trainings total), complemented by expeditions for data collection, 30 on ground and 15 on water. More than this, we wanted to encourage initiative and raise the involvement level of the pupils in their communities, so each group received 800 EUR for implementing a small project. They identified the needs in the community (or even in their school) and they decided to buy benches, trash bins, flowers, trees, in order to transform the schools and parks. They even held informing sessions for the other citizens.

The project took place between May and December 2017.