The VADUrabil project provides a series of answers and solutions, so that the local community can begin to understand the whole process and ensure the sustainable development of the region, while enjoying its beauty.

You are one with nature!

Vadu is the favourite beach for camping lovers and people who like to enjoy the silence. Year after year, more and more tourists come here on holiday. But few know that it is a very important area, an entry point to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.
Yes, Vadu is a protected area, and the increasing number of tourists unfortunately means more waste and negative effects on plant and animal species.

This is how the VADUrabil project was born, a partnership started in 2021, between  Mare Nostrum NGO and Black Sea Oil & Gas, with the support of  ARBDD.
In this project, we are trying to work with all those interested in ensuring that Vadu preserves its natural beauty and thrives at the same time. We have activities together with the authorities, citizens, tourists, students and teachers from Vadu and Corbu schools.
It's not easy, but people are open, they want to change things for the better and, with small steps, we believe they will all be able to say that Vadu is a place where they like to stay!

Anyone who is interested can support the sustainable development of the Vadu area by getting actively involved and finding solutions to community problems, by spreading our message to more and more people and by protecting the natural wealth that already exists.

The VADUrabil project is financially supported by Black Sea Oil&Gas.