One of the programs that Mare Nostrum NGO carries out permanently on the beach sectors of the Romanian coast.

Reducing the quantity of marine litter is one of the strategic objectives of Mare Nostrum NGO, which the organization achieves through multiple projects. One of the most important is the marine litter monitoring program, a constant and continuous program, which helps to inventory the number of litter registered on the Romanian beaches. The experience of the organization, from this point of view, is more than eloquent: in 1999 the first such monitoring was organized and in 2014 took place the monitoring according to European methodology.

Before each summer season (April – May) and at the end of it (September – October), the team of specialists of Mare Nostrum NGO, together with volunteers, performs monitoring on almost 2% of the surface of the beaches on the Romanian coast, according to European methodology. Marine litter recorded on each sector is inventoried and data are subsequently centralized in a report. Each report is made public and transmitted to authorities that can take real measures regarding the reduction of marine litter on the Romanian beaches.

Every year, we are sounding the alarm over the existing quantities of marine litter on Romanian coast and try to convince the authorities to take action to stop this phenomenon. We consider the education of tourists and local community very important and our campaigns have media support to reach the main public.

HERE you can see the results for beach monitoring of October 2017 session

Every day, we fight for the reduction of plastic and cigarette butts on the Romanian coast.



MAMAIA, NĂVODARI AND EFORIE, with the dirtiest beach areas - July, 2016

The beaches on the Romanian coast, intoxicated with ... plastic! - June, 2017

HERE you can see the results of the monitoring report of the beach sections from the October 2017 session!

Again, beaches suffocated by plastic on the Romanian coast! NGO Mare Nostrum presents the results of the monitoring report beach sections - April 2018 session

The conclusions of the NGO monitoring Mare Nostrum: Twice more waste in October than in April - November 2018

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BEACH PARTS MONITORING REPORT: 2019, the dirtiest year so far! - October, 2019

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The beaches on the Romanian coast, cleaner than in the September 2019 session !, November, 2020

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