One of the traditional projects of Mare Nostrum NGO, carried out for a period of almost 10 years.

“Litoral curat” project is one of the most important projects in the waste management area that Mare Nostrum has implemented. It is also the longest surviving project that started in 2005 and continued till 2012, being implemented mostly during summer season.

Starting from the need to reduce the amount of waste on the beaches of the Romanian coast and the tourists’ awareness of the recycling of plastic and paper, “Litoral curat” drew the attention of the local community and tourists, but also of the local authorities, who became aware of these kinds of projects.

It is the first project in Constanta on the line of selective waste collection.

Being a large project, “Litoral curat” had multiple and complex activities, among which:

  • Placing bins for selective collection on selected beaches of the Romanian coast;
  • Conducting awareness campaigns;
  • Happenings;
  • Dedicated public events;
  • Development of information materials for awareness campaigns;
  • Involvement of local community and authorities, in order to find solutions and their application.

In numbers, the project means:

  • MILLIONS of people who have been informed about the need for using the bins and selective collection;
  • HUNDREDS of volunteers involved;
  • THOUSAND HOURS of implementation;
  • TENS OF THOUSANDS of kilos of plastic and paper collected during the implementation periods of the project.