Black Sea dolphins are in danger and the main cause is by-catches in the fishing nets. To limit this, in 2006 and 2007, our organization found a unique approach to trying to change the practices of local communities in fisheries: organizing a fishing festival to limit by-catches of dolphins in fishing nets.

The project was mainly addressed to fishermen and is among the first implemented by Mare Nostrum NGO aiming to increase community awareness of modern fishing methods in order to limit by-catches. The festival brought in one place the local community and main decision-makers, being an excellent discussion framework. Also, within this project, product auctions were organized. The funds rose following this event allowed the organization to purchase acoustic devices to prevent by-catches.

The second edition of this event was organized in 2007, the goals being the same as in the first edition:

  • Promoting sustainable fishing in the Black Sea
  • Promoting fishing in the Black Sea as a specific activity of the place and of a local activities as eco-tourist landmarks
  • Facilitating contact between fishermen and local community, as well as raising awareness of the actions concerning the conservation actions of the Black Sea dolphins.
  • Attracting funds to support concrete sustainable fishing actions (placement of acoustic devices on stationary fishing nets).