Since 2013, Mare Nostrum NGO is partner of the international organization ACCOBAMS (Agreement for the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area) and carries out activities and projects for cetacean’s conservation in the Black Sea, one of the main objectives of the Agreement.

Annually, the specialists carry out terrestrial and aquatic monitoring of cetaceans, in which, both the volunteers of the organization, as well as students and teachers from the educational institutions from Constanta County are involved.

The projects carried out under the aegis of ACCOBAMS are aimed at:

  • Increasing the local and regional capacity of researchers to address issues related to estimating the abundance and distribution of cetaceans in the Black Sea;
  • Ensuring the continuity of qualitative and quantitative data collection regarding cetaceans from Romanian waters of Black Sea;
  • Increasing involvement and awareness of local population as well as tourists about the conservation of cetaceans (stranding monitoring network, task force, emergencies, behavior, etc.);

Participation in national and international conferences on dolphin conservation is another major activity of projects carried out in partnership with ACCOBAMS. Moreover, the expertise of Mare Nostrum NGO specialists is recognized at European level, our colleagues occupying the position of team leaders in European projects of aerial monitoring of the cetaceans abundance and beyond.