We respect the environment

We are the most active environmental NGO in Constanta, Romania. Since 1994, we’ve been raising environmental respect, developping projects each year in order to help Constanta to become a true European city.

Each project we implement corresponds to clear strategic directions and to carefully defined objectives:

  • Education for sustainable development
  • Marine and coastal biodiversity conservation and natural resources management
  • Influencing public policies regarding urban management

This way we can build a framework for environmental responsible activities. Without our involvement, how can the Black Sea ecosystem survive?


Key activities of the organisation

Every project we have is focused on biodiversity conservation and rational utilisation of resources. Black Sea dolphin monitoring is one of the long-term activities of the organisation. We implement projects on this direction and carry out activities that help us discover details about dolphin abundance in the Black Sea.

The public events that we organize always start from out of the box ideas, which ensure a clear feedback and a high interactivity with the community. We ask for more green space in Constanta City and household waste recycling, understanding that this is the only way to live in a beautiful and healthy city. We care about protected areas in Dobrogea Region and in the sea, being the first to launch interpretative trails. We want tourists to know and love nature at its true value. We encourage through projects ecological agriculture and we try to support the farmers that practice it to make their way into the market. We are the ones that make things move in Constanta. For better. Together with our partners and the community.

It’s nice to meet you! We are Mare Nostrum NGO, the most active environmental NGO in Constanta.