Biodiversity conservation is one of the strategic directions of Mare Nostrum NGO. Along this line, the organization carries out multiple projects, which promote the picturesque areas of Dobrogea and offer an alternative to the classic tourism, protecting the biodiversity in areas such as: Dobrogea Gorge, Allah Bair, Canaraua Fetii and Casian area. In these areas, biodiversity is endangered by human intrusion. Our efforts have led to the cessation of some anthropic activities in these regions, as well as to the creation of interactive tourist routes, in the idea of promoting the uniqueness of these areas.

Over the years, Mare Nostrum NGO has organized and coordinated a series of projects aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and protected areas (through projects with its own funding, but also financed through programs such as Life Natura, GEF-SGP, Phare CBC, POS Medium, CBC Joint Operational Program, Black Sea Joint Operational Program).