The aim of the project is to increase the awareness of the people and stakeholders regarding the need for sustainable management of used vegetable oil.

A pioneering project for Mare Nostrum NGO “I am also collecting used vegetable oil” started from the real need to regulate what happens to the vegetable oil after its use. Considered a toxic residue, used vegetable oil in regulated by special rules that oblige, both economic operators, who have kitchens and use oil, as well as natural persons, to collect the residual oil separately and to hand it over to the economic agents in charge to recycle this type of waste. If in the case of economic operators, the situation can be somehow controlled, for natural persons, the control is almost impossible, most of the amount of the used vegetable oil from the households reaching the sewer. The aim of the project was to raise the awareness of people regarding the need for sustainable management of used vegetable oil. To achieve this goal, competitions, a mobile caravan, multiple information campaigns, door-to-door campaigns were organized and more than 10000 people from Constanta County were informed about the need of collecting used vegetable oil. To stimulate public, rewards were given to all those who brought 5l of used vegetable oil.

More than 5 years after its implementation, the project continues to have results: people come and bring to the headquarters of the organization, used vegetable oil, annually collecting over 10000 l.