Volunteering in Mare Nostrum equals dynamism, passion and a wish for changing the world. In our volunteering team, we have dedicated, motivated and hardworking people. Our activities are difficult sometimes, they request effort and energy, always a smile upon your face, fun and collegiality. We like to say that our volunteers are world changers and we strongly believe in their strength and optimism.

This is why you should be our volunteer!

We are an experienced, long-lasting and always young team. We’ve been working with volunteers since 1994 and we are professionals. We have all kinds of activities and we try to help the new volunteers to find their own place in our NGO. Of course, we also have many demands, high quality standards and our volunteers have to represent our image at the most professional level. We like to have, to keep things relaxed between us and people say that we are a very fresh, pleasant and innovative team.

The things you can do in Mare Nostrum

There a lot of things you can do here. Starting from simple administrative tasks and going to more complex work, on the field or research work related to our area of interest. Our activities are very dynamic, sometimes they change from project to project, other times they are stable and we implement them on longer terms. We refer to informing campaigns, class activities and educational presentations, developing and organizing public events, trainings, dolphin monitoring, beach monitoring, litter monitoring, international projects and many more. You can learn to do a lot of useful things for your career, which will certainly improve your CV. But the most important thing is that you will have a voice, you will have something to say in the field of environmental protection and you will join our efforts towards changing something around us.

Who can be our volunteer?

We welcome all the volunteers that want to make a change around them, regardless their education or professional experience. Our volunteers come from different categories, their are pupils, students, adults that have jobs and families, with various preoccupations.

We need involved, responsible, joyful and relaxed people. We always try to transform our volunteers in positive role models for the community; we want them to be promotors for sustainable development, environmental protection and education. It is important that they feel our values as defining for them: courage, integrity, professionalism, efficiency, proactive involvement and responsibility towards the environment. These values guide us as an NGO, as a team and as individuals.

You need to have a relatively flexible schedule or at least one that allows you to allocate about 2 hours a week for Mare Nostrum. The good news is that we have activities during the work days (both in the mornings and in the afternoons) and some in weekends (rarely though).

We have office but also field work (in the city, in parks, on the beach or even on the sea), but physical condition is not an issue, considering that most activities are rather of easy or medium difficulty.

A mandatory condition is to have at least 15 years of age, in order to be able to legally sign the volunteering contract. The maximum age is...100+!

Our registration procedure

Things are simple: follow our Facebook page because there we have “calls for action” every few months. We have special meetings dedicated to the new volunteers. We get to know each other a little bit better, we will present in more details our organisation and we explain the specific steps you have to take in order to be part of our team.

Why on Facebook, you may ask? Because this is the way we keep in touch during our collaboration. We have a closed group where we announced everything you need to know about an activity that you want to attend. So a Facebook account is necessary for our volunteers.


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YOU too can change the world with us!