What happens when grazing, hunting and stone mining threaten the habitats of nature reserves? Let's take the initiative!

Located on the border with Bulgaria, the Dumbrăveni Forest Nature Reserve is on a sloping plateau, made of Cretaceous limestone. The reservation was put under law protection n 1980, but the intensification of human activity in the immediate vicinity of the site really endangered the protected bird species hosted here.

In this context the project NATURE CLOSER TO YOU - A THEMATIC ROUTE IN THE DUMBRĂVENI FOREST, was born, whose purpose was to raise awareness, understanding  the problems related to the coastal area.

Within the project, a thematic route was developed and promoted in the Dumbrăveni Forest protected area, which was included along with four other routes developed by the NGO Mare Nostrum, (Canaraua Fetii - "Oak, silent witness of the forest", Dobrogea Gorge - "Dobrogea in a few steps "," Past events imprinted in stone ", Allah Bair -" The story of a grass thread ") within the project" Interpretive Trails on the Ground - Support to the Management of Natural Protected Areas in the Black Sea Region (InterTrails)", a network that includes other protected areas in Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.

Become central character of the route, dumbrăveanca (one of the protected species in the area), is the guide of any tourist through the protected area with the same name. The thematic route comprises 15 stopping points, each of them dedicated to a protected specie: the Lesser grey shrike, Hen harrier, Black kite, Blotched snake.