A complex project, implemented over two years, aimed at the conservation of protected areas in Dobrogea

When nature has a story to tell, it is important to have ears to hear it. This happened in the case of this pioneering project for Constanta County, in which we managed to build and tell to the public one of the most beautiful stories: that of the protected areas in the region.

Starting from the field reality (ie that human activity in the area can destroy it’s uniqueness), the team of specialists Mare Nostrum has made 4 interpretative routes in the nature protected areas from Allah Bair, Canaraua Fetii, Dobrogea Gorges and Casian area, on each route being installed interactive panels, to help tourists or locals to get to know both the areas and the unique species of plants and animals that exist in them.

Each of these routes had presentation clips, focused on outlining the specificity of the area, clips that were promoted in order for the main message to reach the public: nature must be protected, but in order to achieve this, we must know the answer to the question WHY? Because they are unique and we must be proud of them.

In order to make the results sustainable, within the project "Interpretative Trails on the Ground: Support to the Management of the Natural Protected Areas in the Black Sea Region - InterTrails", trainings and exchanges of expertise were carried out at national and regional level, as well as awareness and engaging activities  of local communities.

The project was implemented between 2011 and 2013.